Benelux League Season 7 is finalised

GG’s to both teams and congrats to @ActiVitE_eSport


Rainbow Six Siege Benelux

Rainbow Six Siege Benelux is the place to be when it comes to your favourite game in the world. This will be your home if you are seriously into the game and want to take part in the Rainbow Six Benelux League or the Benelux Cup.

“The corner stone of our quest to make the Benelux the best region for Rainbow Six Siege is the community, from top to bottom.”

If you are taking things more seriously, then don’t fret, because we have the Benelux League and its little brother, the Benelux Cup for you. Only the best teams from the Benelux can make it in those two competitions. Just ask our current Benelux League Champion: @Activit-E.

Benelux Cup broadcast


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