The Benelux Cup Season 2 rulebook will be uploaded shortly.

To make sure you can already start gathering your team mates, the most important team composition rules can be found below.

  1. Invites for the Benelux Cup are linked to the organisations that qualified through their finish in the Benelux League S6.
  3. At least 3/5 players must be Benelux residents. (A 2/5 exception can be made if agreed to by Ubisoft and META, this exception does not automatically transfer over from the Benelux League S6. Teams should reapply)
  5. Since the Benelux Cup is not an official Global R6 Circuit event, a team does not need to adapt their Benelux License sheet during the official transfer windows. The license sheet for the Benelux Cup will be a second one, next to an organisation’s/team’s current global license sheet.
  7. Every person on a Benelux Cup license sheet needs be at least 16 years old.