Benelux cup 2020

Qualifier 1

Benelux cup 2020

Qualifier 2

Are you looking for a way to end 2021 with a real bang? Then sign up for the qualifiers of the Benelux Cup and try to make it all the way to the grand finals! How? We will explain that right here.

How many teams can participate?

We are currently aiming for 16 teams in each qualifier. If demand is higher, there is a possibility more teams can participate. We can raise the cap if the qualifier is full.

Who qualifies for the play-offs?

The best three teams from each qualifier will qualify for the play-offs.


Each qualifier will be spread out over two days, so make sure your team is ready and available to battle on both days. Every match will be a best-of-one, but don’t worry if you lose once. The qualifiers will be double elimination, meaning every team will have to lose twice to be out of the competition definitively.

Can my team play in both qualifiers?

Yes, your team can take part in both qualifiers, except when you already qualified for the play-offs in the first qualifier. 


Qualifier 1: 29 & 30 September
Qualifier 2: 05 & 06 October

Exact timings will be shared at a later time.